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Persian Flooded with Rose Water and Lemon

Floodeh Ingredients:

1 kg Corn flour

5 kg water


Mix 1 kg corn flour with 1 kg of water, until all the corn flour are dissolved. In a big pot bring the water to a boil and add the corn flour mixture to it and cook it for half an hour. You need to stir the mixture all the time so its not stick to the bottom of the pot.

While the mixture is hot place it in Floodeh maker or if you do not have it you can use the pasta machine with a narrow nozzle.

Place a big bowl with very cold water under the Floodeh maker so the Floodeh noodles set in the cold water.

Syrup ingredients:

500g Sugar

700g water

1/2 cup Rose Water


Mix all the ingredients until all the sugar dissolved. Then place it into the ice cream machine to set. remove the Faloodeh noodles form the water and place it into the syrup mixture and place it into the freezer to set for at lest 1 hour.

Then you can serve it with fresh lemon.


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